Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting Ready for Fall: Reading Material

Since fall means lots of rain, at least it does here in BC's lower mainland. It also means it's a good time to cozy up with a book. I thought very quickly I would share some of my favorites. I'm not a big fiction reader, I much prefer non-fiction. Something I can learn from, get inspired from, not that Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic didn't inspire me to take good care of my finances, marry a rich man, find a long lost sister and have a baby with said rich man. I still prefer real life. I'm an anthropologist at heart, that's probably why I follow so many blogs. I love seeing how other people live their lives. What works for them, what doesn't. What could work for me, and what definitely couldn't.

Here's some of my favorites:
1) The Blue Zones: Lessons on living longer from the people who live the longest
by: Dan Buettner
This book is fabulous! Full of information, very well written and very informative, I read it twice, Lees read it too.

2)In Defense of Food- An eaters Manifesto
by: Michael Pollan
It all comes down to the front cover, eat food, not too much, mostly plants. I think my favorite exert from the book would be "don't eat anything your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food"

3)Happy Housewives
by: Darla Shine
An in your face, awakening for any housewife who might be feeling under appreciated . To paraphrase, it lets housewives know they are lucky to be housewives there are many working moms who would love to be housewives but can't. It's slightly controversial, Darla argues that all women should stay at home with their children, while I don't know if I agree fully with that, it was still a good read! It's the kick in the pants I need sometimes.

4)Secrets of Simplicity- Learn to live better with less.
by: Mary Carlomagno
A great read for anyone yearning for a simpler life. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone, give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

 5)The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
by: Dr. Laura Schlessinger
A good read for anyone with a husband. It just reminds us to be nice to them. From time to time things get stressful and husbands and wives will fight (if you're married you know this :). The book just lets you in on tips to get your point across with the least amount of arguing, rolling eyes and frustration. Although my sisters boyfriend thinks this book is all wrong about men, Lee thought it was right on the money, so I guess it just depends on your man.

6) Dinner Survival
by: Sandi Richard
I have a huge collection of cook books, but one that I reach for on a regular basis is this one. It's for nights when you don't have a lot of time. I've tried many of the recipes, my favorites are the Chili lime chicken (note: cut out the water), and the bruschetta  is very good (although my italian friend thinks it's an insult to her culture because I make it on mini pitas). The book is complete with entire meal plans.

7) Smart Couples Finish Rich
by: David Bach
When me and Lee first got married we spent a lot of money trying to build a home for ourselves, and were in debt (nothing crazy but debt none the less). We knew we wanted me to stay at home, but couldn't see how. First we got rid of the debt, then we worked on living off one income. Saved a bit and this book helped us. It motivated me to get our finances in order.
Speaking of living off one income this book is also an interesting read. 

8)Slow death by Rubber Duck-How the toxic chemistry of everyday life is affecting our health
by: Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie
Basically just what it says, how the toxic chemistry of everyday life affects our health. These men tested on themselves, and proved what everyday toxins are doing to our bodies. Although this book is widely disputed and highly questioned, I found it an interesting report.

9) The 100 mile diet
by: Alisa Smith and J.B Mackinnon
Written by some fellow Vancouver-ites. They ate only food that was grown or caught within 100 miles of their home, here in Vancouver. These two brave souls did with out bread for a  ungodly amount of  time. A great read even if simply for the awareness of food mileage.

10)My life in France
by: Juila Child
If you've seen Julie and Julia you've seen My Life in France. All the parts about Julia Childs life came from the biography My Life in France. It was an amazing read. I couldn't put it down. Even if you've seen the movie I'd still recommend this book. Not to sound cliche but I laughed and I cried.

 So there is my most recent top 10 books to read, If anyone has any of their own favorites I'll need some for fall, please don't hesitate to comment.


  1. This is eery...after your post about your bookcase, I was hoping you would list some of your favorite books! I loved "In Defense of Food" and can't wait to check out some of these others. I definitely love chick lit but always prefer non-fiction...if you're going to spend time reading, you might as well learn something! :)

  2. We must have similar styles - these books look right up my alley! I'm going to add them to my library list :-)

  3. I loved "My Life in France". I wish the movie had just been Julia's life!

  4. I'm so glad some readers will get some good reading done this fall. Besides Our Blog :) haha

    I totally wish the movie had been just Julia's life. The book was amazing! I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks that.

  5. I see several books I too have on my library shelves and love. I see many others I will have to read in the near future. Thanks for sharing the list!

  6. I just finished reading In Defense of Food and I loved Julia Child's My Life in France. Thanks for such a great list...I see two or three new ones I'll be checking out.

  7. I tend to have a fiction and non-fiction book going at the same time. I love to lose myself in a good story but also like learning things. I just got done reading "Living With Less So Your Family Has More" by Mark and Jill Savage. Before that is was "Shattering the Two-Income Myth" by someone I can't remember. :) The problem with that one was it was too specific for the year it was written. Most the advice has been out-dated by technology.

    Your list have given me a couple I want to check out.

  8. Great recommendations! I recently read The 100 Mile Diet and really enjoyed it. I love that quote from In Defense of Food too! I try to eat locally as much as possible and these books are great inspiration.

  9. I'm glad so many have enjoyed and found inspiration is some of the same books!!
    Can't wait to read Living with less so your family has more. Sounds like it's right up my, reading, alley :)

  10. Thanks for taking the time to share your reading list.
    Looks like some good titles here.



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