Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dining Room Inspiration!

So I'm all tapped out of living room inspiration, a special thank you to everyone who commented and shared their ideas, and opinions. One of my favorite parts about blogging is all of the second and third opinions. I am a researcher at heart and love gathering all my information and opinions, Lees not so into "the process" he prefers I narrow it way down (2 choices or less haha) so all the comments are very much appreciated.
Here's what we've got going for the dining room. Now I'm not sure if you remember our post about our new dining table you know the one where we got a smok'in deal on a harvest table. The one where we bought a new dining table even though we knew we were moving, and I declared that I didn't want to live in any house that my new harvest table wouldn't fit in.
I guess you know where this is going.
Our lovely harvest table does not fit into our new dining room :( Somehow even as I was typing that I knew I was going to jinx myself).
So as you can see from my terrible picture, it's a small space for a dining room. At the end of the photo you can see an opened door, that's the door to the mudroom/laundry room and it has to clear the table.

So the plan is to go in a completely different direction. Our new house is a little more formal then our current house so we are hoping to reflect that in our decor.
Our dining room is beside the kitchen and mudroom/laundry room and in order for the mudroom/laundry room door to clear the table we need to have a round or square table. We chose round! Something like this one from pottery barn although not exactly like this one as we don't have that kind on money to spend on a dining table :)
Photo via Pottery Barn
We haven't made a decision about chairs yet but I'm thinking something in fabric, but I'm not ruling out wood chairs just yet :)
Maybe a chair like this although I don't like the skirt all the way to the ground
Photo via Ikea
We'll also need bar stools: Maybe something like this:
or this:
both photos via Ikea

Here's the current chandelier: kinda ick!

A couple of chandelier options, I'm loving the coach style one, but we are also strongly considering a simple shade on a rod (not that the second picture is simple, but that's the general idea but with a simple shade on the end :)

So there's a couple of dining room choices, Please let me know what you're thinking, I have been loving the feedback!!
Be back tomorrow with some more options, and if anyone in the greater Vancouver area needs a harvest table and three chairs we know where you can get one for a good deal :) hehe


  1. what is going to happen to your awesome harvest table???

  2. Good morning,

    Sorry that you can't fit the harvest table.

    I love the round table, I would choose dining chairs with both wood and fabric. As for the bar stools, I would choose all wood. I am also loving the coach light fixture.

  3. It's too bad you couldn't reverse the door to the mudroom so it opens into the mud room and you would have room for your dining room table.

    Loving your ideas! Excited for your move.


  4. I love the second chandi option! Above a round table...gorgeous!

  5. Fellow Canadian here, just found your blog recently and can't wait to see all the upcoming posts about the new place! I LOVE living vicariously through other's decorating adventures.

    Sorry to hear the table doesn't fit. Is is an option to enlarge the mudroom door with an open arch? Or install a pocket door? Just thinking out loud. Whatever you choose will look fantastic.

    As for the chandelier, I love the round/patterned one.

    Take care

  6. I LOVE LOVE a drak table with white dream dining set.

  7. Are you guys handy with tools... there are always some cool plans to be found like this one
    or perhaps if you're really good you could try imitating that exact one. Just a thought.

    Congrats by the way!

  8. Loving the 2nd chandelier choice, it looks a little more formal than the coach one (even though I love that one too).

  9. Too bad your table doesn't fit in the new space. We have both the round and rectangular version of the PB Harvest Table in Expresso and love both. The round is in the kitchen with wood chairs (easy to clean), the rectangular in the formal dining room with wood chairs w/upholstered seats. The chairs belonged to the original dining room set we had for years, but I painted/antiqued them and had the seats recovered, I love the mix. I love the chandeliers, but think the 2nd would look the best with a round table. I do love the look of a lantern though.

  10. Hi! I'm trying to choose between a rectangle/circle dining table as well; Where is that first 'coach' chandlier from?? I love it

  11. Hello,
    I've been following the blog since you were featured over at The Lettered Cottage. We have the x-back Ikea chairs with a dark brown rectangular dining table and I love the combination! They are actually very sturdy, which I was worried about from Ikea. Good luck with the decisions.

  12. I love dark wood with white -that's what I have in my dining room and I love it. My only suggestion with the white chairs is that you either get something with a washable slipcover, or you get chairs with just the seat part upholstered so that you can easily switch it out if it gets stained (you'll be eating there after all :) Best of luck with your new house and thanks for sharing your thought process!

  13. Thank you so much for all the help!!! I'm loving the idea of the dark table with white chairs!
    As for the mudroom door, looks like it has to stay, we can't make it swing into the mudroom, there's not enough room, we have some plumbing pipes and a lot of electrical in the wall so a pocket door isn't an option, and it's also our laundry room so no door is definitely not something we could do :) But thank you so much for all of the help it kind of gave me a thought maybe a barn door on rails, hmmmm . . . .
    Loving the link from Holly, making your own pottery barn table, it looks just like the one from pottery barn Thank you Holly
    LeAnn the coach chandelier is from the Home Depot it was really well priced under $200
    Here's the link:
    Thanks for the tip Christie, I will definitely give a long hard thought about white dining chairs.
    Thank you again everyone, I can't put into words how helpful you all have been! Thanks again :)

  14. Jill- I was also surprised at how sturdy they were too, i'm so glad you like them too!! I'm definitely loving the dark table light chair combination :)

  15. I love the dining room! It's just beautiful! I am new to your blog, so apologies if I am asking a dumb question: Was the house built for you or at least built new? It is so, so nice and looks so new.

    It is too bad the other table cannot be used in another space, a basement or a breakfast area or... It is just so pretty. And it sounds, if it is indeed from Pottery Barn, very expensive. Hard to just get an expensive piece of furniture and then have to sell it, I imagine.

  16. Oh and I read back through previous entries. It's great you were able to buy a brand new house. You are very lucky! :)

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