Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Max wants in on the action too!

Around The Manor Max is included in on everything from shopping trips, to wearing cute outfits. So it only seems natural to include him in our decorating.

With all the Green changes going on in the living room, Max's bed was clashing big time. His keen design eye caught on to the faux pas and demanded a new dog bed (at least that's how I remember it). His old bed wasn't very old and I couldn't get past the guilt of buying a new bed when the old one still functioned, after all it wouldn't be very GREEN of us to throw away a perfectly good bed.
I did some research and came across Molly Mutt. They make dog duvet covers. It's very smart, and she sells the dog duvet covers for very reasonable prices (ours cost $20)

What's so smart about them is you fill them with what ever you have around. We used Max's old dog bed and simply wrapped a couple towels around it to beef up the snuggle factor. They also sell Mesh Stuff Sacks separately which you can fill with anything from old sheets to old pillow stuffing, It's a great way to reduce your waste and reuse what you already have.

I fell in love with many of the Molly Mutt designs, they are cute and playful while still being sophisticated and sleek (something that's very difficult to find in dog bed design). And, I love that the cover is washable.
If you're looking to buy a Molly Mutt duvet cover you can find them at many retailers in the United States or you can buy one from

Max also loves his Molly Mutt duvet cover. Notice the matching toy in his mouth, I told you he had an eye for design :)


  1. What a great idea! That is one fashionable dog! I'll just tell you, I am NOT an animal lover but that Max is CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your dog is the cutest ever. I fell in love with one many years ago that looked like your, but due to work schedules it wasn't the best time to get a dog. One day. What is your breed?

  3. I swear Max gets cuter every time I see him!

    Thanks for the heads up....I'll keep this product in mind for when we get a dog!

    Many Blessings,

  4. adorable!


  5. Love it!! Any problems with shipping into Canada?

  6. Max says thanks for all the love!! It goes straight to his head :)
    Max is a Yorkshire Terrier, He grows hair not fur so he's non-allergic, and he's very cute
    We live close to the US border so I send it to a p.o. box down there and picked it up the next time I made a trip, because Amazon doesn't ship to canada and did have them. But if you go to they ship to directly to Canada.

  7. Max is so cute! Very photogenic, too! What a great idea to make duvet cover for pet beds. Smart idea. I need to look into one for our dog.

  8. What a brilliant idea.
    Mr Personality (Max) looks very pleased with his new bed cover.
    And he's bed is big enough to share with lots of those toys!

  9. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous idea!!! I love it:) I must say your sweet Max is just the cutest little doggie. He must just loves his 'new look' bed! ~ xx

  10. SOOOO glad I found your blog!!! I am across the river from you :) Assuming you live in the lower mainland!! My family lives near you (again assuming here) Hope you come see me over on my blog! I love yours!!!



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