Friday, August 20, 2010

The Manor was on The Lettered Cottage

Today our little Manor's Mudroom was on The Lettered Cottage. It's been super exciting I've been a huge fan of Layla and Kevin's for a long time now, my mom and myself get on the phone and go through The Lettered Cottage page by page, although I think we spent a good hour in their kitchen alone.
Thank you so much Layla and Kevin, for spotlighting our teeny, tiny mudroom.
If you haven't been over to the Lettered Cottage (although I'm sure you have) they have a beautiful home, with a lot of fabulous ideas to steal :), and they have an adorable little doggy named, MAX too.
If you're interested you can follow the link to the post about our little mudroom on The Lettered Cottage.


  1. I popped over from TLC. You have a lovely home. Looked at your house tour. You are one organized lady.

  2. I absolutely love the Lettered Cottage and have been reading it for quite some time now. It is so appropriate that Layla would feature you on her blog. I look forward to everyone of your posts even if I don't comment on everyone. I can't get over how young you are and how together you have it all. You must be one old soul!

  3. TLC is one of my fave blogs hands down. So I am so happy for you!!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  4. Congrats on the feature!!! I'm so glad that I found your blog through TLC!

  5. Hello, I saw your mudroom on The Lettered Cottage and then I stumbled on your blog again today. It's a sign that I must be your newest follower.

    Love those bright stripes and the stones in the boot tray is such a brilliant way to hide the yucky dirt!




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