Thursday, August 12, 2010

Living Room Update: Side Table

Here is another example of The Ripple Effect. Because our old couch had really high arms there was no need, or use, for a side table (we wouldn't have been able to reach it anyways). But since our new couch hit the scene we could really use a side table.Somewhere for a lamp to sit, somewhere to put your drink down.
It took almost a month to find the right table, at the right price, but homesense had the goods and we bought our new side table this weekend.

It's white with very interesting scrolled legs. I liked the traditional lines but fell in love with the contemporary twist.
I've always loved green, and was over the moon to find a green lamp, I don't know if I'd seen a green lamp before (another homesense find), but the moment I saw it I knew that was the lamp for me.

The little green box on the left holds our 4x6 photo's. I wanted people to be able to see our photo's easily, because I scrapbook our favorites this little box is a great place to store the rest. I'm an old fashioned kind of girl and still insist on printing out some of our photo's I'm always worried that some big Y2K incident is going to happen and all of the photo's of the world will be erased (I need to stop watching movies).
The green box is from Walmart, it's sold in their office supply section. There are also filing boxes and magazine holders, letter trays and receipt boxes in the same line, and they come in this green, a beautiful shade of yellow, white and black. They are very cute and very well priced, our little green box was under $5.

The basket under the table doesn't hold anything as of yet. I already owned it from back in the days of our first apartment we bought, it use to hold towels. But now it sits empty under our little white side table, come fall I'll fill it with throw blankets and extra pillows for cozy nights on the couch. 

And last, a few coffee table books three of my favorites, but the country living storage book is amazing, I go through it at least once a month for inspiration. It also doesn't hurt that they are green and match the lamp :).

So there's the up to the minute scoop on our living room, if you missed how it all started here's the link to the finished living room project and if you'd like to see what it looked like before the new couch and the ripple effect that has now taken over at least half the house follow this Link.

Oh and we couldn't forget to mention the other "Green" aspect  of our Living Room redo the CFL bulbs we use in our lamp, hey, every little bit counts. haha


  1. how do you even get books that match your color scehme? lol

  2. I'm in the process of organizing our old photos! It's so tedious. Thanks for sharing about that green box. I will check that out in our local Walmart.

  3. Looking lovely!
    I think I was looking at similar lamps in Homesense last week. Love the little table. :)

  4. lovin' the green! greeeeeeeeeeen with envy, in fact!

  5. It looks great. Everything is so tidy and coordinated so well. Love your green lamp and green box. Nice transformation!

  6. It all looks so have very good taste. I see that you have the same candle holder that my daughters purchased last week at a local salvage store...they both said that they had seen them in gift shops priced around $20...they only paid $ they got several for gifts.


  7. What a cute little side table I like the new + vintage feel

  8. The living room update side tablle shown here is wonderful have a look at it

  9. Did you know that your link to (Blog Love) to Our Humble A(bowe)d is not working they are no longer at Wordpress



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