Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kitchen Organization Update

I think that good organization is an important part of every room in a home, but no where is it more important then the kitchen.
If you've scrolled back a few dozen posts you've seen many of our kitchen organization posts, including
Kitchen Organization, Even More Kitchen Organization, Kitchen Organization: Spices, Kitchen Cabinet Cork Board. I thought I'd offer a Kitchen Organization Update. Since we bought new drinking glasses, 100% recycled drinking glasses, we needed to do a bit of re-organizing of our dinnerware cabinet.
Here's the result, Our Drinking glasses are now within easy reach, along with our stacked dinner and side plates.

And our next up grade was a large white utensil crock I purchased at Target this weekend. $9.99 for a very large white ceramic crock was a great deal, I'd been having the hardest time finding one, but target had the goods.

These are two examples of kitchen organization that I think are worth the time and/or money.  To read more about how we organize our kitchen you can follow the links provided above or click on the category Kitchen.


  1. O.K. my cabinets look nothing like this!!!
    I've really gotta get it together!
    Looks great!

  2. Boy, my cupboards could use your touch. I've got to do some editing and make things more accessible!

  3. I have a crock that I love but it's outdated in style. Maybe I can spray it white. I am liking yours.

  4. I love having a crock too! It makes cooking easier.

  5. You've inspired me to start organizing my kitchen this week!

  6. I just read every single post on your blog!!! Talk about falling down a rabbit hole. You have a lovely home and a great eye....someone will be thrilled to snatch it up! and I can't wait to see what you do in your new home!

    xoxo, cassie

  7. I too love to organize things. I keep my cooking utensils in a drawer in my island, it makes them very accessible while cooking because my cooktop is just above. I keep my spices in the drawer on the opposite site of the utensils.

  8. love it! could you tell me where you got the reduce, reuse, recycle sign? Thanks

  9. Want to hop on a plane and fly over to organise my cupboards? :)

  10. Thanks so much girls
    The reduce, reuse, recycle sign is from Target! Thanks for asking!

    and I love the idea of spray painting an old crock to make it look new! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle right!! :)

  11. You should write a book on organization. You are so organized and talented and make it look so easy and refreshing! I love your cupboards....everything is so nice and in reach. Can you come here and do mine?

  12. Wow, great! Can I as where you got the white mugs/cups next to your plates? LOVE THEM :)

  13. The mugs came from The Real Canadian Superstore they are Presidents Choice mugs. I hope that helps, If you are in the United States, The store is called LOBLAWS. Hopefully you have one near you!!!
    Thanks for the question

  14. You inspired me and I just organized my spices with some way-cool spice organizers found at where else? IKEA!!!! My spice drawer is now neat,spices facing upwards in a neat row( instead of them rolling around in the drawers).The pretty ones that I use most are displayed over the stove.I used Maratha's
    labels from Staples on them too, but used my chicken scratch instead of an inkjet.



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