Friday, August 27, 2010

Flowers on Friday: Red Carnation

Now, I know I said I didn't like carnations and I've now done two posts on Carnations, but I think I might be changing my tune. I think carnations get a bad wrap.
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want a house or wedding full of the little buggers but a couple of carnations around the house, can't hurt.
Here's our carnations for the week. They came out of a larger bouquet we had the week before, the rest of the bouquet had died but the carnations were still going strong. So I pulled them out, rinsed the stems, made a new cut and popped them into a bud vase. I really like the red against the white, almost like a rose. But WAY cheaper :)
Have a great weekend and we'll be back on Monday, we've got some good gett'in ready for fall posts.
To see our Carnation Topiary follow the link.


  1. I totally agree...Carnations are not my first choice, but I too believe they get a bum rap as they last For'eva!

  2. I think carnations have grown on me lately because they do last so long and putting one of a few in a vase really is very pretty. Peonies and sunflowers are my favorite flowers. I did the other day buy a bunch of hot pink carnations and they are very pretty!

  3. Yep, I'm a member of the carnations-aren't-so-bad fan club too. Inexpensive and so many pretty colors! I like them best as a short-stemmed, thick cluster bouquet.



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