Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flowers on Friday: My Favorite

I love lilies, I love the way your home smells the second you open the door when you have lilies in the house. Lee knows my love for lilies and because we've had a lot of  changes happening and kind of a stressful week, he went the extra mile this week and got me a beautiful bouquet of lilies and pink roses, with some alstroemeria. All the flowers are in the pink family and I think this is my favorite bouquet of all time.

I love the way the pink looks against the green lamp. If we could get married all over again (to each other, of course) I would use this for the centerpieces.

Max also loves the smell of lilies.


  1. The colours pink and green are a lovely combination and one of my favs.
    Gorgeous bouquet, enjoy!

  2. I came over from TLC. What a beautiful home you have. The bouquet is lovely. I too love the scent of lilies.
    I think our Cairn, Kylee, is smitten with your Max!

  3. oooh you are moving?? so more home make over fun for you??? are you moving to S, L, or A?? LOL hee hee sounds like I am talking in code! I am gonna sit with coffee and read your entire blog this morning! Max if adorable btw!!

  4. Thanks so much,
    We are moving to S. right on the border of L, it starts with a C , :) hehe
    Max says thanks!! ;)

  5. Well hello my dear,
    What a beautiful little world you have created...I came by way of Sweet Becky at Cupcakes and Ruby slippers. I LOVE fresh flowers on the just makes me smile...will be back to sneak a peek very soon...still smilin' Rosie

  6. How sweet of your husband and what a pretty bouquet! Beautiful photos! Max is so cute smelling the flowers. Have a great weekend.

  7. Seriously in love with your house and your blog. Can you come to Oregon and decorate by house? You are SO talented...keep up the great blog! Love reading it

  8. Rosie: Thanks so much, I also love fresh flowers they make all the difference!!
    Allison: Lee loves your comment, it goes to his head though hehe
    Luckaluck: I LOVE OREGON! We go to portland at least once a year (gotta love that no tax) :) You're so lucky to live there it's so beautiful :)

  9. HAHAHAH! Love it...well my dear...we are practically neighbors ;)



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