Thursday, August 19, 2010

Canary Cage Cover and Seed Catcher

I'm not much of a sewer, truth be told I don't have the patience for it, or the attention to detail. But I know someone with tons of patience and lots of attention to detail, and you'll never guess who: It's Lee. My 6 foot 8 inch tall, weightlifting, electrical engineering, motorcycle building, car repairing,  husband. Honestly I'm not that surprised he's good at it. He's incredibly meticulous, and picks up anything in a second, we stumbled upon his talent during a recent Doggy Belly Band marathon (more on that next week) where I was stuck behind the old needle and thread for 2 hours and to give me a break he stepped in, stepped on the petal and sewed like a regular seamstress, seamster.

If you can remember back Carson Canary needed a cage cover so I found some Tea Toweling with a lovely yellow stripe down it (which Matched Carson's Yellow Color perfectly, Max isn't the only one who wants to coordinate). So because I had sewn the cage cover, and we had recently un-earthed Lee's hidden talent, He took on the task of sewing the matching seed catcher.

For anyone with a bird, you understand the necessity of a seed catcher,  for anyone who doesn't have a bird, the seed catcher does exactly that, catch seeds. Most birds, spread seeds, well, everywhere. I don't know why the food at the bottom of the dish is that much better then the food at the top but according to Carson Canary it is. It's a very simple solution (most of the best solutions are), the fabric wraps around the bottom of the cage and fastens with velcro at the back, holding in all the seeds and seed shells.

I love using tea toweling for the catcher and the cover, I think I might make a matching table runner out of the same material, or maybe I'll put my new favorite seamster to work. :)
Turns out all of our pets are hams! Carson was probably jealous of all Max's attention :)

Canaries make fabulous pets! They are easier then most caged birds, they are a part of the finch family and require very little maintenance. The Male Birds have a beautiful song, and are more then willing to share it with you. One day I hope to have a large cage and many canaries but for now Carson alone keeps me and Max entertained with his singing (and if you ask him Disco is not dead, it's his new favorite genre to sing along too). If you were thinking of adding a Canary to your family, Martha Stewart has a wonderful starter guide to Canaries and Canary Care, linked Here. I found it very helpful during our first few weeks with Carson.
Happy Chirping!


  1. He is such a cutie! Pardon my ignorance but is that a real plant? Do birds prefer some greenery to feel at home?

  2. Thanks Cass,
    The plant in is cage is not real, It's a reptile plant, they are meant for bird and reptiles so it's safe to have in his cage. I don't know about other birds but our canary Loves having a plant in his cage, He pulls the leaves over his nest and makes a little fort.
    Hope that answers your question :)
    Thanks for asking!

  3. My husband also sews - he's the quilter in our family, actually.
    You have such a beautiful house; thanks for sharing!

  4. What are the measurements on your cage? We are getting a canary and our cage is 18x18X27.

  5. Hi Talisa,
    Our cage is 18 wide by 18deep and 30" tall. I'm assuming yours is 27 wide by 18 tall and 18 deep! You have the PERFECT size cage for a Canary, we'll be changing ours out for a better sized flight cage! Canaries prefer low cages that are long because they don't climb they fly! Our cage is ok because it's wide enough that he can fly back and forth! But the wider the better!! and make sure to place the perches at opposite ends of the cage so that he can fly from one to the other!
    Hope that helps!
    Lots of Love

  6. Thank you for your quick answer! One more question, where did you find the bird safe plant? I have searched our local pet stores and can not find any. Also, do you have a bird bath? Thanks!

  7. The Plant is fake, I got it from the reptile section of petsmart! The reptile plants are safe for birds too! But make sure not to get the hard plastic ones because they can hurt the birds wings, the leaves are fabric on our (plastic-y fabric but fabric haha).

    We do have a bird bath, Carson LOVES it! If we don't put a bath in he'll try to bath in his water dish. Make sure it's not too deep! They really just want their legs wet then they splash around in it themselves. In the summer months during their molt they might not want to bathe so we mist Carson a couple times a week with a plant mister!
    Hope that helps
    I really think you're going to LOVE your canary . . . they sing so beautifully! and they have funny little personalities!!
    Oh and Carson LOVES broccoli!!!

  8. im in love with your blog, I am UK based & like you I love my home & we have a yorkshire terrier too called Ollie who is my baby. I have just this week started a blog nowhere near as good as yours xxx Kelly



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