Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 questions on Joey and Lana Make a House a Home

I was so excited to find in my inbox an invite to Joey and Lana's 10 questions with . . . .
If you haven't seen Joey and Lana's blog, take a jump over there and I'll wait . . . .

Pretty nice huh?
Anyways, they sent us 10 questions to answer. It was a lot of fun answering them.
Questions like:
What's your favorite post?
Where do you go for inspiration?
What's you favorite piece of furniture in your house?
If you had unlimited funds what would you buy?

They also asked me sum up my personal style in three words (that one was harder then I thought).
In case your wondering:

So if you've got sometime, pop over and see my answers, complete with pictures to illustrate my answers, and let me know what you thought, interviews always make me nervous :)
Thanks Lana and Joey!!


  1. Ashli, your link to Joey & Lana's blog isn't working quite right. Try dropping the "www" portion of the URL:

  2. Thanks, it's fixed now! Thanks again for the heads up, you were right it didn't like the www. :)

  3. Ashli, i wanted to let you know i gave you a shout out on my blog for inspiring me this week - love your style - come visit!

  4. Love the Q&A, am sending you a picture to go along with!



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