Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I won a fridge!! Style at Home

A couple months back I entered our computer room in a contest, if you haven't seen the room yet you can see it here, and I won Editors Pick!!! The contest was an online contest through Style at Home Magazine. I haven't won a contest. . . .  Ever! It was a contest about your best organizing tip, mine was CONTAIN, CONTAIN, CONTAIN! I thought the computer room best represented this sentiment.
The Prize is a bottom freezer fridge valued at $1529 WOW!! Now if only we needed a fridge. Either way I am over the moon, and so is Lee, he keeps busting out with, "you won a fridge!" at the oddest times.
Thank you Style at Home
and thank you Lee, who deserves more then half the credit as he did the bulk of the work on the computer room!  (try as I may, I am no good with power tools).


  1. Congratulations! How fabulous. You are one lucky and talented chick!

  2. That's great news! I'll take your fridge as mine is acting wonky :) You can always sell it.

  3. That's great! Congrats! I recently won a $100 ikea gift card. I was incredibly surprised b/c I didn't remember entering -my husband actually entered for me!

  4. Congratulations Ashli! That's awesome! I can see why....your computer room is fabulous!

    Many Blessings,

  5. Thanks so much ! We're over the moon over here, the celebration will continue well into the weekend!

  6. Congratulations!! Your computer room is fantastic and you are most deserving of the prize. That room is one of the most organized rooms I've seen. Good job!

  7. that's so awesome! yay for you and your new fridge, that's impressive.

  8. This was a while ago but still very exciting! Congrats! :)



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