Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Deal Alert: Recycled Glass

I have been coveting these drinking glasses made from recycled glass for along time now. They have a beautiful pale green color to them and are made from 100% recycled glass. I first saw them in The Bay for $24.99 I grabbed a box of four and carried them around the store, for fun apparently. I couldn't bare to shell out the 25 bucks for only four glasses, no matter how in love with them I was.

 My patience was rewarded by the shopping gods when I strolled into Home Outfitters this weekend and when I saw MY glasses on sale for $10 a box (for 4) I had a tiny heart attack. When I saw the 30% off last ticketed price sign, I was legally dead for a second.
That's right I got four glasses for $7.00, so naturally I bought two boxes. I now have eight glasses for a grand total of $15.68 (tax included). I'm still smiling!


  1. that's too funny, i saw these at H.O. too and wanted to get them. now i REALLY Want to get them!

  2. They're so pretty. Doesn't it give you great satisfaction that you were rewarded for your patience? Bravo!

  3. Tia- You should go and grab some!! I just bought a set for my mom!! They fantastic and they hold a lot, so when Lee asks how many drinks I've had I can say, One but really it's like 3 haha
    Kathy- Thanks, It was so much better having waited, I think I love them even more because they were on sale!

  4. They are gorgeous and what a great deal! Yahoo!

  5. Wow, great deal! I love the green tint they have.

  6. Those are really classic glasses!

  7. LOL- You are too funny! I have the same reaction when I find an awesome deal. I always look around in disbelief, like I am being filmed for a hidden camera show.

    I have been on the prowl for some pretty green glasses as well. I don't have at Home Outfitters around me (and I honestly never heard of them before, but I will be looking them up now.)

    Thanks for the early morning laugh!



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