Friday, July 30, 2010

FLowers on Friday: Bathroom

A teeny tiny bouquet for the bathroom, is this weeks flowers. I've enjoyed having this little 'yella fella' in our bathroom all week. Brushing your teeth seems much more elegant around flowers. The bouquet is composed of white and yellow Alstroemeria. Alstroemeria is my favorite flower to use in little bouquets, because it is so fluffy, it looks like you stuffed the vase but really this one is only 2 stems. Total cost: $1.50 (1 white stem and 1 yellow stem at 75 cents each).


  1. Fluffy yes...but they also come in so many shades that they will likely complement and decor and different vase sizes. Love your Friday flowers and all your super organizing ideas.

  2. They look so pretty. What a great way to start your day brushing your teeth and looking at these cute flowers :)

  3. I Love fresh flowers. The yellow and white really make it crisp and clean. We had some in the window above our Kitchen sink and two vase fulls in the living room. This post has inspired me to run by the Market today and pick up some more!

  4. Flowers improve any room and bathrooms are not exempt!
    Got two little posies in my bathroom at the moment.
    Flowers in my bathroom



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