Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doggy Frame

Our upstairs hallway is a bit of a family gallery.  And what kind of a family gallery would it be without a picture of our beloved pooch, Max.
If you've scrolled back far enough in my posts you would have seen our family gallery,  if you haven't already seen it you can check out the post here, but here's a quick peek.

Now to the goods,  we needed to add our puppy Max to the gallery.  I thought I would add a little whimsy to his frame. Clearly he would out cute a plain frame :)
First an Ikea Ribba Frame found here, they work great for this project because they are like little shadow boxes. They come in a few different wood finishes, so you could match the finish to your room.
Next came the little elephant, if you have kids you've seen these little guys in the kids section of ikea. They run around 75 cents each. We picked the elephant because Max reminds us of a tiny elephant, he's four pounds but walks louder then Lee.

A simple little project, really so simple that you can barely call it a project, but it's nice to see Max up in the family gallery.


  1. He is SOOOO cute! So where is he in relation to all the other photos on the wall?


  2. Your pooch is adorable and I love your wall of frames. I have a wall of frames down my hallway and I plan to keep adding to it from floor to ceiling. I chose all black frames too.

  3. On relation to the other photo's on the wall, he's around the corner. We had a small expanse of wall between the laundry closet and the bedroom door, the frame fits the wall perfectly. Thanks for asking! I should have mentioned it :)



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