Friday, June 25, 2010

Small Changes in the Bathroom!

I love this time of year! Clearance Time! When stores are getting rid of the spring and sometimes left over winter stock to make room for summer (it happens a little later up here in Canada). It's not the new summer stock that gets my motor running it's all of the spring stock I've been drooling over for months that is now on sale, 75% off to be exact. If you read the $4.00 toilet post you would have gotten a sneek peek of our latest finds but here are the gory details. I needed a new toilet brush, the plastic white one just wasn't cutting it anymore, style wise and function wise. We found this nickle finish one for $7.50, which is good because I love it but would never spend $30 on a brush to clean the toilet. Then there it was, something we completely didn't need but was sitting there looking beautiful, I believe in love at first sight but could I actually be in love with a bathroom garbage can, Yup, turns out I can. We picked up this white ceramic, cable knit sweater inspired beauty for $10, which is good because as much as it pains me to say it I wouldn't spend $40 on a garbage can even one as nice as this!

I didn't really make it out of the bathroom section of the store that day because it was the first section when you entered the store and by the time I was done with it I was too afraid to go to another, I had already spent my limit. Alas, before I made it out of the bathroom section these adorable little hand towels were winking at me, and with the same siren song that calls sailors out to sea, they called me over to shop. All joking aside I love anything monogrammed or embroidered, the little Mr. and Mrs. were just too cute ( word to the wise if your husband is anything like Lee you'll want to grab an extra Mr. We use to have His and Hers but the His got way dirtier, and when I could no longer wash the dirt out I had to take both down).

So there's the result of our end of spring shopping excursion. I got away with out too much damage to my pocketbook, and I think they added some very nice jewelry to the bathroom.


  1. WHERE did you get such a cool bathroom can?
    I roll that way tooo... I cannot stand to pay full price for anything!! It kills me to.

    I am going to have to beef up my toilet brush though. I bought a dollar store one and it IS a dollar store one!!!!! the holder falls over all the time!! Today I bought underwear for my son. I nearly bought 3 pairs for 17 bucks until I saw a sign for 4 pairs for 5 bucks on sale. so I walked out with 8 pairs for 10 bucks and one dang happy woman. My husband thought I was off my rocker as i kept mentioning it...He is like WHY are you so excited about underwear? AND I say because I paid 10 bucks for 8 pairs vs. 17 bucks for 3!!!!!! I mean they are identical!!!! I think he finally understood my excitment.

  2. Oh and your Mr. and Mrs. towel are great!!! they add just the perfect amount of whimsy!

  3. Thanks
    We bought the garbage can from Zellers,
    I can totally see you're underwear excitement. I love it when you plan to buy something anyways and find it for an amazing price!!! Men never truly understand, they go to one store, see underwear, buy it and never think of it again, until the new pairs have holes and even then it will be a while until they buy new ones. hahaha
    Thankz again

  4. I so want the cable knit bathroom can, it would be so cute for tolit paper!! I want one! great find :)

  5. I agree, the cable knit bathroom can is awesome! And as one on a budget (mine is tight, though some have generous budgets who blog on organizing), and a renter (housing isn't worth the asking price in south FL in many areas), I'm looking for ways to organize within the constraints placed on tenants. It's a challenge, but beautiful bins and containers are tenants' best friends. Thanks for the beautifully displayed ideas.



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