Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Master Bedroom Resources

Both Lee and I love our sleep!! Ask any of our friends, it's common knowledge that we love to sleep in. On a weekend you could find us in bed well into the afternoon. We'll have breakfast and lunch up there. The addition of a couple laptops and we are set.
Therefore, our bedroom is very important to us, and on top of that it's where my shoes live.
I always loved the idea of using wallpaper in a bedroom. So when I found this paper it demanded that the room be built around it. The walls were painted the lighter grey color of the leaves, and the bedside lamps illuminate the slight metallic sheen of the flowers. 
I wanted to use all white bedding because then I could wash them all in Hot, Hot water together. Also I like being able to see any dirt that is on my bed, no dirt camouflaging colors here. The sheets themselves are organic, since we spend so much time in bed I wanted to make sure they are as good for us as possible. The quilt on the bed is not organic but the duvet and duvet cover are. All of the bed paraphernalia is from Homesense, it is really the most affordable way to buy organic bedding. Although I found this set from Target, it's well priced and came with some pretty good reviews.
We have very little storage in The Manor so finding bedside tables that also had storage was an absolute must. We found these gems at Homesense.
The bed frame is from The Brick. It is the only bed frame we've ever owned. Lee outfitted the frame with slats, so that we wouldn't need to purchase a boxspring and the mattress could still breathe. I loved the medium toned wood and the Lee loved the masculine styling, since there's flowered wallpaper behind it.

The Dresser with the mirror is another craigslist find, and the glass knobs are from Lee Valley. I could wander that store for days looking at cabinet hardware. The shallow top drawer houses my costume jewelry (read more about that here). The shelves above the dresser are from Ikea and they are the same ones we used in the computer room (read more about the computer room here), but we used different brackets, you can find them on the ikea website HERE.
The boxes on the shelves hold out of season clothing. They are, like everything I own apparently, from Homesense (aka. Home Goods).
The bedside lamps are from Costco and were extremely affordable ($50 for both). They have chrome and glass bases with white shades.
The chandelier is from Canadian Tire. It was one of those purchases, when you have no idea where it's going to go in your house you just know it needs to be in your house.
The drapes are white Linen and are from Ikea. A huge bonus with Ikea drapes is that they come so long it makes it really easy to mount them at any height, instead of being bossed around by pre-made curtain panel legnths.
Our bedroom functions really well for us, it stores everything we need it to, while making sure we don't keep anything around that isn't used or loved. Although who couldn't use a little more shoe closet space.


  1. your bedroom is lovely - i lvoe the wallpaper its so pretty!! I also like your artwork above your headbaord - so nice!!

    Thanks for your thoguhts on my blog! :)

  2. Lee Valley is the best for hardware...I purchased my glass handles there too.

  3. I am in love with your shelves over the dresser. What a great use of space!

  4. Very pretty room! I like the mix of masculine and feminine. Good compromise! I laughed when you said one of the reasons you love your room is because your shoes live there. LOL!

  5. those side tables are the greatest. is there a name on them so that i can do a search online?

  6. Thanks, the side tables are a homesense (homegoods) find, they were the only two in the store, I think pottery barn has similar ones, but they would be much more expensive. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

  7. I love the shelving you did! I'm curious - how did you decide how much space to put between the shelves?

  8. Married in Chicago, Congratulations on getting married I popped by to see your pic's, Fantastic!
    We already had the boxes for the top, so we left enough room between the ceiling and the top of the boxes, as for the second self, the brackets we used to hang the shelves came down on the wall and we butted the second shelf right up to the bottom of that bracket.
    Hope that helps, my big piece of advise would be to buy what ever is going on the shelves first and then hang the shelves to fit, yay for Custom!!

  9. I knmow this is an older post but I love your bedding!! Where did you get it?!
    Finding bedding is so hard :/

    1. They quilts came from Homesense aka. HomeGoods!
      I hope that helps a bit!
      Lots of Love

  10. Is the curtain rod for your corner window an L-shaped rod or two separate ones? I have a window in the corner like yours and would love to put drapes up.



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