Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

I know it's a little late but Happy Fathers day to all the dad's out there. Over here at the manor we celebrated fathers day with a car show at a local tool and auto shop. Lee got a Ducky soap on a rope and a to go coffee mug from his fur-baby Max.

Yes, that's right Max (our dog) got Lee a fathers day gift, and why not Lee's the best puppy daddy ever. In fact Max wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Lee. A couple years ago we were at a dog park when a big black dog attacked Max. Max was right beside me and there was nothing I could do the Black dog was way too big for me. Lee ran over and wrestled Max out of the dogs mouth, once the big dog let go of Max Lee had to wrestle the dog trying not to get bitten until the owner finally came over and leashed their dog. If that's not worthy of a soap on a rope I don't know what is.
 The ducky soap on a rope was more of a gag gift for Lee, but the to go mug was a gift that he's been asking me to pick up for a while now.
At home drip coffee cost approx. $0.42 a cup (that includes sugar, milk and coffee). Drip coffee from the cafe approx. $1.50 and if you prefer a fancier coffee that average price is $4.00 a cup. Lee has one cup of coffee a day so we stand to save approx $34.00 a month, and that doesn't count the impulse purchases like pastries.
We had the metal coffee to go cups but they weren't able to go into the dishwasher and were incredibly difficult to clean. What is different about this mug is it's ceramic with a silicone lid. The ceramic mug and lid are dishwasher safe,  I loved this mug so much I might have bought one for myself, and it might have a pink lid! 

~ Ashli ~


  1. Hi Ashli...I just came across your blog today & can I just say I'm in total love!

    A quick question though, I would love to know where you found the ceramic coffee cup? I tried to check your Amazon store link but it wasn't listed...thanks a bunch!

    Michelle in Tennessee

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I'm so glad you found our little blog, and better yet . . . you like it :)
    I just put it into our amazon store it's under the Kitchen section, I couldn't find one with a black lid but I did find the exact one we have with a white lid :) I hope that helps you :)
    They're great! We use ours all the time :)



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